Puppy Pictures 2011

October 3rd 2011 Litter. Click on the picture to view an enlarged version.

Asleep on the job

Damon Contented Day 3 - 2

Damon Day 3 -2

Damon Day 3

Damon Day 4 -2

Damon Day 4 -3

Damon Day 7 -1

Damon Day 7-2

Damon Day 7-5

Damon Day 8-1

Damon Day 8-2

Damon Day 8-3

Day 1 (4) - L

Day 1 (5)- L

Puppy Hickeys

Stephan Day 2

Stephan Day 3 -2

Stephan Day 7-3

Stephan Day 8-L

The Boys Day 10

Damon Day 18

Damon Fast Asleep Day 18

Damon and Dragon Day 20

Damon posing Day 20

Stephan Day 18

Stephan and Dragon Day 20

The Boys Day 16

The Boys Day 17-1

The Boys Day 17-2

The Boys Day 18

Bath Time

Before and After

Briggs cleaning  Damon

Ear cleaning

Enjoying new bed

My paws will grow this big

1st outting

Almost Twins

Attempt to escape

Brotherly Love

Cool new smells

Hey did u see that

I'm coming

Love my stuffy

Outdoor stretch

Plan to escape

Where ya goin' bro

Wow big world

Howl turns into yawn

Attack Auntie

Baby licks

Chomping on my Bro

Damon 5 weeks

Damon Kisses

Damon's toy bone

Dont move

Hold her down Bro

I'm so adorable

Is that a belt

Paw Hold

Puppy Breath

Sleeping Bros

Sleeping with Auntie

Tugging on Auntie

You awake Bro

Gonna Miss my Bro

Last Night Together

Last Night Together2

Seamus & New Mommy Robin

Seamus 9 weeks

Seamus Last Night

Selkirk 9 weeks

Seamus and his new Family

Seamus Dec2011-2

Seamus Dec2011

Christmas Seamus 2011

Christmas Seamus_2011

Christmas_Seamus & Family 2011


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