Sheenan (CH Aotearoa Emrys Cabaret CGN) CKC #WN303344 

AKC #HP37532403


Briggs (CH Baileysong Dublins Brigadier CGN) CKC #UQ250710  AKC #HP34930601


Heera (CH Aotearoa Kaldaun Concerto) CKC # XJ349924 AKC #HP38824601


Selkirk (Kalkinny McShane of Starkeeper) CKC # YU425143

Brooklyn (CH Laislinn Starkeeper Brooklyn) CKC# ZE461950 AKC#HP43908502

Phoebe (GCH Kalkinny Magic of Starkeeper) CKC# AA495147 AKC#HP46175001

Croi (CH Kalkinny Essence of Starkeeper) CKC#DE651849

Sersha (CH Kalkinny Moonlit of Starkeeper) CKC#DE651854

Bree (GCH Kalkinny Glamour of Laislinn)


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