The Girls


CH Aotearoa Emrys Cabaret CGN


CH Laislinn Starkeeper Brooklyn


CH Aotearoa Kaldaun Concerto


GCH Kalkinny Magic of Starkeeper CGN


CH Kalkinny Essence of Starkeeper


Kalkinny Glamour of Laislinn


CH Kalkinny Moonlit of Starkeeper


Welcome to our girls’ page.  Please click on the links to their individual gallery of photographs, pedigrees, videos and list of awards and accomplishments.


Sheenan : CH Aotearoa Emrys Cabaret CGN, Red Brindle, born July 26th 2009

      CKC Reg # WN303344

      AKC Reg # HP37532403

Sheenan - Gallery

Sheenan - Show Videos

Sheenan - Awards and accomplishments.

Sheenan - Pedigree


Heera : CH Aotearoa Kaldaun Concerto, Grey Brindle, born May 3rd 2010.  After producing a magnificent litter of 9 puppies in January 2013, Heera has been retired from our breeding program and now lives the life of the true queen she is with Dawn & Wayne Schmidt near London ON. 

    CKC Reg# XJ349924 

    AKC Reg # HP38824601

Heera - Gallery

Heera - Show Videos

Heera - Awards and accomplishments

Heera - Pedigree


 Brooklyn : CH Laislinn Starkeeper Brooklyn , born March 19th 2012

    CKC Reg#   ZE461950

    AKC Reg# HP43908502


Brooklyn - Gallery

Brooklyn - Pedigree

Brooklyn - Awards and accomplishments


Phoebe : GCH Kalkinny Magic of Starkeeper CGN, born January 28th 2013

    CKC Reg# AA495147

    AKC Reg# HP46175001

Phoebe - Gallery

Phoebe - Pedigree

Phoebe - Awards and accomplishments


Cree: CH Kalkinny Essence of Starkeeper, born March 27th 2016

Cree - Gallery

Cree - Pedigree


Sersha : CH Kalkinny Moonlit of Starkeeper, born March 27th 2016

Sersha - Gallery

Sersha - Pedigree


Bree : Kalkinny Glamour of Laislinn, born August 31st 2019

Bree - Gallery

Bree - Pedigree


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