a.k.a. CH Aotearoa Kaldaun Concerto
Born May 3rd 2010
CKC Reg # XJ349924
AKC #HP38824601

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Heera Snoozing May 9'10

Heera May 9'10

Heera's Beautiful Head May 9'10

Heera & Mommy May 15'10

Heera Cuddles May 15'10

Heera May 15'10

Heera contented May 15'10

Heera's Eyes opening ay 15'10

May 26'10 Heera 1

May 26'10 Heera 2

May 26'10 Heera 3

May 26'10 Heera Contented

May 26'10 Heera Full

May 26'10 Heera Lounging

May 26'10 Heera all stretched out

May 26'10 Heera first teeth

May 26'10 Heera posing

May 26'10 Heera resting

Heera 1 June 5'10

Heera 2 June 5'10

Heera singing June 5'10

June 5'10 Heera & Mom

June 5'10 Heera Snuggling

June 5'10 Heera

Any free milk Jun 19'10

Breezing up those steps Jun 19'10

Can you see me Jun 19'10

Chomping on my toy Jun 19'10

First Day Home Jun 18'10

One day I'll be that big Jun 19'10

Snoozing after a long first day Jun 18'10

Trying in out for size Jun 18'10

Wait up Jun 19'10

Wanna play Jun 19'10

You want a piece of me Jun 19'10

Resting quietly Jun 18'10

Jun 19'10 Comfy Toy

Jun 19'10 Someone calling me

Jun 19'10 While Mommy works

Jun 20'10 Attacking Briggs' face

Jun 20'10 Check out those thighs

Jun 20'10 Get back here

Jun 20'10 Get off poor Briggs

Jun 20'10 I'm so cute

Jun 20'10 Love my pillow

Jun 20'10 My perfect smile

Jun 21'10 Attacking Briggs

Jun 21'10 He's such a tolerant guy

Jun 20'10 You talking to me

Any food in there  Jun 10

Hey share will you Jun 10

Playing on the big guys' bed Jun 10

Stealing the big guys' bed Jun 10

Heera June 27'10

Heera June 27' 2010

Busted July 2010

I think its alive Jul 2010

Innocent Me July 2010

Say what Jul 2010

Heera & Herc July 10

Heera On Duty Aug 10

Heera On Duty Aug 10

Heera GrassHopper Hunting

Where did it go

Heera Herc Sept '10

Heera Sept 10

Herc Heera Stretched Out

Herc Heera roaming

Hey Bro come back

Pooped Heera Herc

Sweet Heera

Give it Back

Asleep with my paw-soother

Heera Resized


Heera BIB Apr11R

Heera BOBBWIberville2011ResizedL




Hochelaga Gr4th2011

Hochelaga May 2011-1

Hochelaga May 2011-10

Hochelaga May 2011-11

Hochelaga May 2011-2

Hochelaga May 2011-4

Hochelaga May 2011-5

Hochelaga May 2011-6

Hochelaga May 2011-7

Hochelaga May 2011-9

Heera Gr 2nd Richmond May 2011 Res L

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