a.k.a. Laislinn Starkeeper Brooklyn
Born March 19th 2012
CKC # ZE461950
AKC #HP43908502

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Almost Flying

Any treats

Auntie loves me

Bird watching

Bobing for balls

Bonding with Auntie

Briggs Tarka and Me

Briggs checking me out

Briggs looking into the future

Briggs loves me

Chewing the pool

Cooling off

Crashing with Stella

Cuddling with Lambchops

Do I fit

Do not move

Ella on PuppyWatch



First steps

Found something

Frog Hunting

Getting into trouble

Gonna get it

Gorgeous dark eyes

Got the pool prize


Having fun

He loves me

Heera checking me out

Hunting instinct

I am being watched

I am posing

I am watching

I can point too

I love my auntie

I wanna go with them

I'm a coming

I'm up to something

Just look at this face

Leaders of the Puppy Pack

Lets go this way

Look a fly

Look at that tail

Love my Lambchops

Me & mini-Lambchops

Me and Auntie

Me and Duckie

Me and Mom

Me and Stella

Me and my sis

Me and uncle Alex

Mommy Lani stacking me

My Profile

My new pack

My other profile

My spred

Need to get up those things

Oooh Presents

Pausing in the shade

Pool time


Posing yet again

Pounce Mode

Pup Powerwalk

Say Cheese

Secure in Auntie's arms

Self Stacking

Sight n scent hound

Sitting perfect

Snoozing after vets

Soaking up the sun

Splish Splashing

Stacking for cheese

Stella & Me on the prowl

Sucking up to Auntie

Take the shot

Too pooped to puppy

Trying to stay awake

Tug of War

Waiting for new mommy

Wanna share

Wet Buns

What a physique

When I was little

Who are you

You cant see me

Zoomies R

my Kung Fu move

ooh a June Bug

Beautiful Head

Bursting the Ball

Butterfly hunting

Can you see me

Easier to carry

Funky Ears

Funny Face

Get up & play with me

Goof face

Have Ball Will Travel


I'm a Mommy's Girl

Kiss through fence

Let me in

Long Legs

Love my ottoman

Me & my ball

Me and Ms Tarka

My Best side

My Close-Up

My Furnishings

My Long Neck

My long tail

Pom Pal

Pom Play toy

Pom attack


The Girls

Where ya goin

Which Ball to play with

Brooklyn Champion Chomedey Sept'13

Champion Sept '13

Cornwall Show Aug '13 (7)


Great hindquarters

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