Here are a few testimonials our wonderful new families have been kind enough to allow us to post to our website. We are very proud of all our pups and are simply delighted with all their amazing new homes.


Louise and her family are amazing.

The love, time, dedication to raising healthy and happy puppies is revealed in the well rounded happy babies we brought home to our pack .

Matilda and Sherman are rambunctious, full of personality and self confidence.

We waited 10 years to add a puppy to our pack, and we are so happy that Louise allowed us to grow our pack.

We can’t wait to watch them grow up 

Thanks Lou and Al !!

From Matilda (aka Rio Litter 2023) and brother Sherman (aka Cam Litter 2023)’s new family Kris & Bob (Christiana TN USA)

From the first moment I met Louise of Kalkinny Kennels, I knew she was the caring, compassionate, ethical breeder of my future Wolfhound.

Louise painstakingly chooses the best temperament, the best health and of course the best confirmation to help create future Irish Wolfhounds.

We have been very proud IW parents now for just over a month, and Louise has been there for us every step of the way!

We have a gorgeous, healthy, happy dream puppy with a fantastic breeder sharing her experiences and knowledge, in the wings, whenever we need her!

I cannot recommend Kalkinny Kennels enough. 

 Jo and Dave

Winchester, Ontario 

From Cruz (aka Beemer Litter 2023) ‘2 new family JoAnne and David (Winchester, ON)

From our first inquiry about a puppy, Louise was informative and knowledgeable - but most importantly, the love that she has for her dogs and the puppies is clearly evident.

She kept us in the loop with updates after we put down a deposit & selected the right puppy for us based on his needs and our situation.

We have had Kane home for a month and can honestly say he is one of the best puppies we’ve ever met. Sweet, loving, well mannered and attracts all the attention.  

Louise is always available to share guidance & advice, which is very helpful if you are not familiar with the breed.

If you are considering an Irish Wolfhound, look no further than Kalkinny Kennels. 

Julia & Chris

Ridgeway, Ontario

From Kane (aka Bentley Litter 2023)’s new family Julia and Chris (Ridgeway, ON)

Kalkinny Kennels, we thank you for our beautiful Irish Wolf Hound Oonagh.  She is dream puppy.  Happy, loving, calm, social, smart and beautiful. She has never met a stranger be it human, hound, or feline, simply great with everyone. 

She is our first IWH and will not be our last.

Louise is an absolute stunning example of which every breeder should aspire to be. She is a true breed expert, honest, fair, firm, and an absolute wealth of knowledge. Most of all, she is truly a loving Mama bear to all her pups. She is at all times available, transparent, reassuring and completely involved. 

We are so thankful that her kennel is close to us. However, it is worth any drive, or distance.

 She will be our forever breeder.Thank you Louise for our beautiful Oonagh.

The Keck Family

Stittsville, ON

From Oonagh (aka Helena Litter 2023)’s new family Melissa and Darren (Stittsville, ON)

Bonjour tous le monde, je m appelle Yvan Letourneau je vis au nord ouest du Québec en Abitibi. 

Je fait de la zootherapie.

Je viens de prendre possession d un lévrier Irlandais chez Louise Laird (mon 6e ) de cette race.

J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir adopté chez cette eleveur très qualifiée et d’une rigueur exceptionnelle.

Louise pose beaucoup de questions avant de vous accepter mais la ont peut voir le professionnel de son chenille. Grâce à eu autre eleveur (Nadya grand Shreck ) près de Québec qui a parlé pour moi j’ai eu la chance d adopté  de Louise.

Si vous pensez un jour vous procurer un grand lévrier Irlandais,pensez à elle, par expérience après 40 ans avec les chiens et chats vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper. 

Merci Louise pour tout.


Hello everyone, my name is Yvan Letourneau, I live in the northwest of Quebec in Abitibi.

I do pet therapy.

I have just taken possession of an Irish greyhound from Louise Laird (my 6th) of this breed.

I was lucky enough to be able to adopt from this very qualified and exceptionally rigorous breeder.

Louise asks a lot of questions before accepting you, but you can see the professional in her kennel and breeding. Thanks to another breeder (Nadya Grand Shreck) near Quebec who spoke for me, I was lucky enough to adopt from Louise.

If you ever think of getting a Great Irish Wolfhound, think of her, from my experience after 40 years with dogs and cats you can't go wrong.

Thank you Louise for everything.

From Oz (aka Sirius Litter 2023)’2 new family Yvan and Jocelyne, Abitibi, QC


There are about a million and one wonderful things we could say about Louise Laird and Kalkinny Kennels! From the first day we reached out to Louise she has been prompt, professional and always available to provide information, advice and support. You can feel her passion for the Irish Wolfhound breed and her love for each puppy she brings into this world.  Louise truly looks out for the needs of the family and their new family member. We are truly grateful to have our giant baby Freyja! Thank you Louise for all your hard work to breed these beauties responsibly.  

Dixon Family

From Freyja (aka Hermione Litter 2023)’s new family Anne Marie and Rick, Val Des Monts, QC.

Myself personally have been bugging for a puppy from day one! My husband had agreed to let me get one provided it was an Irish wolfhound. You can only do so much research before you own one to truly know what it is like to own this beautiful breed.

Maeve has certainly tested us but I may never own another breed! Louise and Alan have both helped us; whether delivering us meds for our pup and being available any time of day for a chat or a quick text to answer question as they come up.

As a breeder, Louise goes above and beyond to provide new owners support and offer tips and tricks (while Alan entertains the human kids on our visits to learn more!)

Our Vets even commented on how amazing the support package Louise put together is which really helps everyone. 

We cannot thank Louise and Alan enough for all you have done and continue to do to support us with our new fur baby!

Megan, Lance and the dynamic duo Marsh and Russ!

From Maeve (aka Fleur Litter 2023)’s new family Megan, Lance, Mash and Russ (Carleton Place, ON)

We are absolutely in love with our Ny'mira!

She is perfect in every way - the sweetest temperament, very trainable and absolutely gorgeous! Family dog extraordinaire.  Louise clearly loves her dogs and goes to great lengths to provide them with the best care and quality of life.

She was an absolute wealth of information for us in acquiring our first wolfhound; and I do say first, because it will not likely be the last! Wonderful breeding kennel -- highly recommend Kalkinny!

The Frankena Family

From Ny’Mira (aka Poppy Litter 2023)’s new family Anathea & Matt, Ottawa ON

It was evident upon meeting Louise that she is knowledgeable about wolfhounds.

She matches her puppies with potential owners. She provides a wealth of ongoing information about wolfhounds.    

I have had wolfhounds previously and the puppy from Louise has been by far the best one yet. 

That is a testament to the care and love they have received prior to going to their forever homes.  


From Quinn (aka Malibu Litter 2023)’s new family Kelly, Waterdown, ON

Its been a week now since we brought our new puppy home (Mattie) and she fits right into her new home environment; no doubt to her first two months upbringing with Louise. Mattie is a credit to her breed as well as her breeder.” Sydney March 31’13

“Hello wolfhound families, I am sure we have the best of the bunch!  She is such a sweetie and so smart! Am I sounding like a proud mom?! I think on the third day; it was from one wonderful discovery to another.  She has a very good appetite, she sleeps all night and most important; we love love love her.  All the best to all of the rest of her siblings, we are sure they are just as wonderful. Thank you.   Luv Helen March 31’13.

From Mattie’s (aka Piper - Litter 2013) new Mom & Dad; Sydney & Helen (Athens Ontario):

To all Irish Wolfhound lovers.

I am writing this letter as a testament to Louise Laird and the incredible job she does raising Irish Wolfhounds.

When first started looking for a new wolfhound we were introduced to Louise through the internet and our relationship has grown from there.

Louise welcomed us into her home and made sure we were part of the entire process, part of that included a home visit to ensure we were capable of handling the breed and had an appropriate amount of space, little did she know we were doing the same when we visited her home, my partner has over 20 yrs experience working in the animal care field and we were amazed at how well she looked after her hounds.

We now have a happy, healthy, growing, 10 week old hound that brings us great joy and happiness.

I would have no problem recommending Louise as a breeder of choice, you wont be disappointed.

Todd, Garnet, and Xander - April 3rd 2013

From Xander’s (aka Leo - Litter 2013) new parents; Todd & Garnet (Merrickville, Ontario)

We have been communicating with Louise for over 3 years now....it has been such an absolute pleasure to get to know her and receive the benefits of her extensive IW knowledge and wisdom. We love our boy Sinn, and look forward to sharing his life's adventures with Louise!

Helm and Sheila Klein - April 10‘13

From Sinn’s (aka Cole - Litter 2013) new Mom & Dad; Helmut & Sheila Klein (Trent Hills, Ontario):


Everything with Birch so far is great. She is a favourite at work. The residents love her! She's a wimp in the rain. And with consistency she is learning very quickly. Very easy to train. We have been introducing her to the house one room at a time. The first two weeks she was restricted to the kitchen where her kennel is (which is her favourite napping place). She know can be left in there unattended and nothing ends up destroyed. She now goes into the living room, den, and dining room while supervised. We are very pleased with everything!!

From Birch’s (aka Paige - Litter 2013) new Mom; Amanda Oake (Corner Brook, Newfoundland):

We love Finnegan, not only is he the quietist puppy we've ever had but most definitely the fastest growing and largest.

Louise is the most thorough breeder, with stringent guidlines to be met before she allows you to take one of her babies home with you. We really appreciated this as there are too many dogs/puppies damaged, abandoned and in need of being rescued by uneducated owners.

Thank you Louise for allowing us to have Finnegan. He is full of untold riches.

From Finnegan’s (aka Victor - Litter 2013) new parents:  Anne & Jim (Newcastle, Ontario):

"We were new to the WolfHound world. Louise and Kalkinny Kennels made sure we were fully informed of all aspects IWH ownership. We were even able to keep this is a big surprise for our family. Its been crazy (in a good way) at times but all consistent with the details that Louise had provided and the idea of having such an awesome dog. Seamus is a "huge" part of our family. We couldn't imagine a day without him. Louise has kept in touch and offers advise and guidance and has been available for consultation throughout. This has been one of the best experiences we've had as a family. "

From Seamus’ (aka Damon - Litter 2011) new family; Robin, Michael & family (Simcoe, Ontario):

So last night I was sound asleep when around 2am I was awoken by Xander (6.5 months old) making a growl I didn't think he capable of. I came downstairs to hear the turkeys and geese freeking out, it was a full moon and very bright. I put on my boots and Xander (as Brinks wouldn't come outside). As we got outside we could see 6 coyotes walking single file down the road in front of our house and the donkeys running back and forth along the fence. Xander let a very deep growl/bark out never leaving my side and the coyotes scrambled into the corn field on the other side of the street. For the rest of the night Xander and I kept watch on the front porch with him never leaving my side or making a noise, we stayed that way till sunrise and the danger had passed.

From Xander’s (aka Leo - Litter 2013) new parents; Todd & Garnet (Merrickville, Ontario) August 21st ‘13



I just wanted to again thank you for giving our family the opportunity to take home one of your beautiful Wolfhound puppies into our home and hearts. We absolutely love Zeus a.k.a "Andy" He has made our home whole. You are a wonderful breeder and I know you only want the best for your babies, and that's what he will have! As you said "once you have a wolfhound in your life you'll never be without one"

Again many thanks!

Nick, Jen & Alex ”

From Zeus’ (aka Andy - Litter 2013) new family; Nick, Jen & Alex (Guelph, Ontario):

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